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Marina Hemingway Cuba

Ariel view of Marina Hemingway - located nine miles west of Havana, Cuba.
Marina Hemingway, Cuba - View of docks
Marina Hemingway, Cuba - View of canal style docks, looking towards entrance.
Chart of Hemingway Marina with official locations marked
Chart of Marina Hemingway - with service locations noted. (Click chart to see larger version)

The Largest Marina in Cuba

Marina Hemingway, run by the governmental Cubanacán, is Cuba's largest marina with an official capacity of up to 400 vessels. In reality, there are closer to 100 slips that are usable - the others needing repair and installation of basic marina services (power & water).

Mariners will find the entrance to the marina challenging and should only be attempted in relatively calm conditions. Vessels must navigate a very narrow channel with shallow coral on either side to enter Marina Hemingway. Nighttime entry is particularly dangerous and should be avoided as the channel marker lights are difficult to distinguish from city lights in their background.

Vessels approaching the entrance to Marina Hemingway should hail the port captain on VHF channel 77, or over SSB 7462.

Marina Services

The marina, like nearly facility in Cuba, is in need of repair, updating, and paint. Nevertheless, the marina offers the following services:

  • Dockage for vessels up to 230 feet.
  • Maximum depth: 12 feet.
  • Fuel
  • Fresh water supply
  • Shore power - 110/220 electricity
  • Phones
  • Internet access
  • 24-hour "security"
  • Customs & port authorities
  • Laundry Service
  • Showers
  • Pool & Jacuzzi
  • Ship's store
  • Ice
  • Ship repairs

There is a small hotel located at Marina Hemingway. Plans are underway for a much larger 600 room hotel to be built by the Chinese in partnership with the Cuban government.

Restaurants at Marina Hemingway:

Four restaurants are available at Marina Hemingway, including:

  • Palmares - serving Cuban cuisine
  • Bar Fiesta - serving Spanish cuisine
  • La Cova Pizza Nova - Serves thin-crust pizza and Italian cuisine. Patio overlooks marina. Their phone number is (537) 204-6969, 209-7289.
  • Bar Papa's - serves seafood

With Havana only 15 minutes away by taxi, many more restaurants are available to be explored nearby.

Hemingway Marina details:

  • Latitude, Longitude: Latitude: 23° 5.35' N, Longitude: 82° 30.5' W
  • Address: Calle 248 y 5a Avenida, Santa Fe, La Habana, Cuba
  • Phone: (537) 33 1150-56 and 21 6225. Or, here are new phone numbers that might work: 537 - 2046848 / 2097928 / 2097270.
  • Fax: (537) 33 1149, 33 1536. Or, here is a new fax number that might work: 537 - 2045280
  • E-mail: UPDATE: From multiple attempts, many of the email addresses for Marina Hemingway and for the Commodore Escrich have not been answered. The latest email addresses to try are: or (You can also try to reach Commodore José Miguel Díaz Escrich, the port officer of the Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba at: although emails to this address have been reported to not be replied to.)

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